Foreign Language post

Hola, Okay i’m not going to start like that, How about Como fue tu dia hoy?Para mi no se si fue bien o no pero salimos de la escuela a las dos de la tarde Porque  hay un aviso de tornado.

That says How was your day today.I don’t know if mine is good or not . Today we leave school a 2:00 because of a tornado warning.


The day we left we left at about 2:00 and we were in Louisiana by 9:00. Then we stopped at a hotel.The next day we would continue our journey and we made it to Laredo,Tx by about 6:00. Once there I had a texas homestyle burger at McD”s. The next morning we woke up at 5:00am to leave and it still took us 9 hours to cross the border.Now everybody that was is a mexican knows that it was expected for the border to be lonely but believe me it wasn’t


I had nothing to do so I have decided to start explaining my trip to Mexico in Great Detail But i’m not going to start today because I don’t have enough time to actually start But I hope I will some time soon.This is a map of our destinationdata=LtgX-e3f8ctI3U5dJtbt7EJ1ZfRneYme,MYWiMWpJwyHcV7HNmdtxq5WgLCucT0874mjwZsquTjo4OnAUkboTlp_Ugo-GJtj60v96AZshMh1Z6A